Sunday, June 22, 2014

And Now for Something Completely Different...!

My last few posts have been very text-heavy, so this will be a pictures post. It's an homage to Sitka and reflects our feelings of how nice it is to be back in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest!

Eliason/Thomsen Harbors, Sitka, Alaska
Nootka roses

The eagle cries

A crest totem pole in Sitka National Historical Park

The spires of St. Michael's Russian Orthodox church (rebuilt, 1966) as seen from Castle Hill

Herring Cove Trail

Waterfall with Devil's Club

Bunchberry, also known as dwarf dogwood

Skunk cabbage swamp

Temperate zone green

Shooting stars

Please, no photos!

Another day at the office

Sitka salmon troller

"Ain't no nookie like chinookie..." (Ray Troll)

Mushroom rock garden

Northcoast islet

Shelter at upper Goddard hot spring with ruins of old chimney and fireplace in background

Silhouette at anchor in Hot Springs Bay


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos, Kirsten. Awakens very fond memories of my and your mom's trip to Alaska last summer!


    Aunt Helen

  2. Thanks for the welcome home, Aunt Helen!