Monday, March 26, 2012

Passage to Nuevo Vallarta

March 18-March 21, 2012

Notes from the Logbook


A sliver of a moon rose at 0430 and is now being chased by the sun. 

Night Watch

Spirit dolphins
streak through pupil-black water
their presence only known by
their luminescent wake

Squid Patrol:  1 flying fish, 7 squid

When Jupiter rises and sets (in the absence of a moon), it's like someone has lit and then blown out a candle.

  • First time poling out the headsail while sailing wing and wing on Silhouette
  • First flying fish on deck
  • First sea turtle passed at sea
  • The screw to engage the wind vane self-steering snapped off the drum during this passage. Although this was normal wear and tear after years of service in the marine environment (to both the former owners and to us), we will have to take it to a welder to fix it. If we were offshore, Patrick could bolt it back together; but since we still have access to a welder, we will fix it properly. I guess the good news is this happened before we got offshore.
  • When we arrived in Nuevo Vallarta, Patrick also discovered some broken strands in the steering cables  they had started to fray. Thus, our project list grows longer instead of shorter.     

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