Saturday, August 18, 2012

Recipe for How to Catch a Fish

1. Take a shower.
2. Since you are going on passage and won't possibly be submerging yourself in salt water to snorkel for at least a couple of days, go so far as to wash your hair.
3. Put on a clean set of clothes.
4. After clearing the harbor entrance, drop your trolling line in the water.

You are guaranteed to catch a fish!

Today we caught our biggest dorado yet! The fish was just over a meter long and at least twenty pounds. We couldn't believe it when we saw its large blue sail rising out of the water on the end of our line behind the boat.

As I began the process of cleaning and filleting the fish on the cockpit bench, kneeling in the cockpit well in a huge rolling sea (the better to grip the fish as it slid back and forth across said bench), I remarked to Patrick that we always seem to catch a fish just after we've showered. It's true. We never catch a fish when we're grungy and salty and haven't bothered to bathe for two or three days because we're on passage; we always catch a fish when we're clean: ensuring that we're no longer clean and that our fresh set of clothes is no longer fresh. Ah, but it's worth it---and worth cleaning up the mess in the cockpit afterwards---for that delicious fresh fish!

We are underway from the Tuamotus to Tahiti.

Posted from sea via Ham Radio.

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